Guide for refugees

‚Moin’ is your mobile guide for helping you with your first steps in Schleswig-Holstein, the northernmost part of Germany. ‚Moin’ is the most popular way to say hello in this part of the country. Try it! It can be an icebreaker.

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A warm welcome to Schleswig-Holstein from us!

Where a long journey ends, another one starts: Your way through german government system. Even for us it’s sometimes hard to understand. It’s definitely harder if you do not understand the language.

That’s why we have launched Moin-App. It’s a mobile guide offering different languages. The app helps answering first questions, gives you advice to find your way around the system. ‚Moin’ is free for android-smartphones.

Who helps you with what and where you can find this person: You will find addresses and opening times for all necessary departments and other helpful contact points.

All this information is available when you are offline, too. You just need to save it on your phone. Same for maps: You can use them anytime anywhere, no matter if you are online or not. This is very important to get along in new surroundings.

Together with another NGO working for refugee relief called Tatenkrake we want to offer you information and contact persons for Schleswig-Holstein. Therefor our team is reliant on voluntary assistance, currently we are looking for more help writing the content and for interpreters in different languages.
Please contact us using the contact form below.

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    Important addresses of civil services, departments and other useful contact points for migrants.
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    Right now the app is available in 6 different languages. German, English, French, Persian, Arabic and Albanian.
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    The integrated map features save all data, so you can use the maps offline as well.
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    Proximity Search

    You can find the information using map features.

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    Using bookmarks will help you getting fast access to articles you already marked before.
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    Photos taken of the buildings and entrances will help you find the right way.


Here you’ll find some screenshots taken of the app.

Contact Us

Currently we are looking for voluntary assistants to help us writing the content for the app as well as people who can do the translation in English, French, Arabic, Pashto, Persian (Farsi/Dari), Tigrinya, Serbian, Albanian and Macedonian. We do appreciate if you want to give us feedback, and we will be pleased to answer your questions.


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